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Neverwinter: Is Relic Armor Worth Farming? - Free Mmorpg Guides

Neverwinter: Is Relic Armor Worth Farming?

The latest module for Neverwinter, Storm King’s Thunder, has been out for some weeks now. And it seems like a lot of the playerbase is less than impressed with the new relic armor. The first piece (boots) of the relic armor can be farmed quite easily by doing is relic armor worth gettingheroic encounters in Bryn Shander. The rest has to be farmed in the dungeon called Fangbreaker Island. But just getting the armor pieces to drop is not enough. You also have to farm rare items from heroic encounters in the three new adventuring zones. And once you have farmed the pieces, farmed the items to restore them, you still have to keep feeding them Voninblod that also need to be farmed and feed into the gear to keep the item level and stats up, much like you need with black ice in gear made with black ice shaping. Now is all this really worth it, for gear that is only really needed in the actual dungeon you got the gear from in the first place? Relic armor is a very slight upgrade from Dragonflight or Elemental Dragonflight armor, and a lot more work.

So at first look it seems like it’s not really worth it for most players. But, there is a catch. The whole module is not out yet. The Sea of Moving Ice is the next big update coming up in Neverwinter, which will be a second part of Storm King’s Thunder, and with it comes new weapons. These weapons are going to be more powerful that the existing artifact weapons, and my guess is that having the Relic armor probably won’t hurt you in the search for these new artifact weapons. So in the end it looks like I’m going to be farming relic armor after all, and i just sold all that lanolin that i’ve been farming. Well well, see you all in Neverwinter.

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