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WoW Gold Cap Journal : Day 8 - Free Mmorpg Guides
World of warcraft WoW Gold Cap Journal

WoW Gold Cap Journal : Day 8

So things finally started to take of. Made over 30k gold in the last day. Mainly because i went back to one of my favorite zones of all time to farm, Shadowfang Keep. There are a few twink items that can drop here that sells for a ton of gold, like the Shadowfang. The droprate on these are quite low but they can drop from any mob. I’ve heard about people spending a long time in here without getting any drops but i’ve always had pretty good luck in here. In about 10 runs i got one Shadowfang and two Nightreavers. The Shadowfang sold in a few hours for 23kĀ gold, and the Nightreavers got about 1k each.


Other transmog items from Shadowfang tend to sell pretty well also and i sold a few, like this :


Which is an absurd price for random low level transmog items, but hey, that seems to be what they sell for. I’m not going to complain!

Right now i’m at a total of 61k gold. Let’s hope we can continue like this throughout the week!


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