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Neverwinter: Converting Zen Vs. Opening Lockboxes

Opening lockboxes with the daily Enchanted Key from your monthly VIP is no doubt a great way to earn some extra Astral Diamonds every day. For just 10 bucks you get 30 keys, and the average value of a lockbox is now anywhere from 15k to several million. You can  pay for VIP by just being VIP and opening lockboxes, at least when you factor in the other AD bonuses from being VIP. But is it possible to get value out of buying enchanted keys and opening lockboxes vs. just converting your Zen to AD directly? I had my doubts but those lockboxes are just so much more fun than converting directly, so I wanted to find out.

I bought 12100 Zen for 99.99eur, you that I could afford enough keys for a decent sample size. By converting this directly in the Astral Diamond  Exchange, I would have gotten 6050000 AD. Instead, I bought 107 Enchanted keys. Meaning I would have to average around 57k in AD per lockbox. A bit less if you factor in the Tarmalune Trade Bars, that you also can spend on items that you can sell for more AD. For my part getting the Trade Bars was a big part of why I got the keys over converting, a trade bar sale is coming up at the end of the month and I needed a few hundred more to be able to afford a mount. I also got enough Companion tokens to upgrade a companion, saving me 250k AD. I put some research first into what lockbox to go for and found that the most valuable in terms of AD at the moment are New Life Lockboxes, Glorious Resurgence and Firemane Lockboxes. I ended up going with the New Life ones, as i needed the Owlbear Cub and the droprate for rare drops seem to be a bit higher in New Life Lockboxes.

In the end I ended up a bit short, making around 5million AD of the stuff I got in the lockboxes. In hindsight i could have made more if I had sold the caches that are worth a lot unopened, like the Enchantment caches. All in all i was pretty happy as I got pretty close to 6million AD, and I got Trade Bars for my mount, and could upgrade my pet.

See the video below to see me opening the lockboxes and what i got.



Neverwinter: Is Relic Armor Worth Farming?

The latest module for Neverwinter, Storm King’s Thunder, has been out for some weeks now. And it seems like a lot of the playerbase is less than impressed with the new relic armor. The first piece (boots) of the relic armor can be farmed quite easily by doing is relic armor worth gettingheroic encounters in Bryn Shander. The rest has to be farmed in the dungeon called Fangbreaker Island. But just getting the armor pieces to drop is not enough. You also have to farm rare items from heroic encounters in the three new adventuring zones. And once you have farmed the pieces, farmed the items to restore them, you still have to keep feeding them Voninblod that also need to be farmed and feed into the gear to keep the item level and stats up, much like you need with black ice in gear made with black ice shaping. Now is all this really worth it, for gear that is only really needed in the actual dungeon you got the gear from in the first place? Relic armor is a very slight upgrade from Dragonflight or Elemental Dragonflight armor, and a lot more work.

So at first look it seems like it’s not really worth it for most players. But, there is a catch. The whole module is not out yet. The Sea of Moving Ice is the next big update coming up in Neverwinter, which will be a second part of Storm King’s Thunder, and with it comes new weapons. These weapons are going to be more powerful that the existing artifact weapons, and my guess is that having the Relic armor probably won’t hurt you in the search for these new artifact weapons. So in the end it looks like I’m going to be farming relic armor after all, and i just sold all that lanolin that i’ve been farming. Well well, see you all in Neverwinter.


Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder Guides

storm kings thunder guides

The Neverwinter section hasn’t been updated in a while, but the hiatus is over. The Neverwinter leveling guide, astral diamond guide and class guides are all being updated, and we are adding a bunch of new guides to the Neverwinter section.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for guides, please let us know in the comments!


Neverwinter Winter Events

In the coming weeks, Neverwinter will be hosing a bunch of different 2x event AND giving away free stuff in the Zen shop! Even a free mount on the first day of the new year.

Full 2x Schedule :

2x Guild Marks



2x Profession Resources*



2x XP



2x Enchants & Runes



2x Refinement Points



Free Zen Shop Schedule :

Saturday, 12/26

Free Bag of Holding

Sunday, 12/27

Free Stone of Health

Monday, 12/28

Free Experience Booster

Tuesday, 12/29

Free Blood Ruby

Wednesday, 12/30

3x Free Preservation Wards

Thursday, 12/31

5x Free Scrolls of Life

Friday, 1/1

Free Winter Wolf Mount


World of warcraft WoW Gold Cap Journal

WoW Gold Cap Journal : Day 8

So things finally started to take of. Made over 30k gold in the last day. Mainly because i went back to one of my favorite zones of all time to farm, Shadowfang Keep. There are a few twink items that can drop here that sells for a ton of gold, like the Shadowfang. The droprate on these are quite low but they can drop from any mob. I’ve heard about people spending a long time in here without getting any drops but i’ve always had pretty good luck in here. In about 10 runs i got one Shadowfang and two Nightreavers. The Shadowfang sold in a few hours for 23k gold, and the Nightreavers got about 1k each.


Other transmog items from Shadowfang tend to sell pretty well also and i sold a few, like this :


Which is an absurd price for random low level transmog items, but hey, that seems to be what they sell for. I’m not going to complain!

Right now i’m at a total of 61k gold. Let’s hope we can continue like this throughout the week!


World of warcraft WoW Gold Cap Journal

WoW Gold Cap Journal : Week 1

Sooooo didn’t get time to update the last few days, so i figured i’d do a weekly recap. I’ve been putting together new WoW gold guides with the stuff i’ve been doing over the last week that you can find HERE. A list of all the raids i’ve been farming can be found here. More guides will be added almost daily as i continue my grind towards 1 million gold.

Currently i am at 31k gold after a week. No thrilled about it, but some days were really slow and i didn’t get to play at all over the weekend. I’m going to try to make at least double as much this upcoming week. I’ve also got 616 items up for sale on the AH at the moment.

31k Gold and 616 Items on the AH after the first week.
31k Gold and 616 Items on the AH after the first week.